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I feel bad, and I’ve felt worse
– Mudhoney, 1988

Too sick to post for the last little while. Took a trip back to Tasnarnia to finish that dental work (good), and went on a ‘mini-break’ with Bald Man and the Ludo Clan to Bay of Fires (great) and caught the flu (crap), in that order. Then I took the 2 flights back to the Berra (hideous) and finally took to my bed for several deaf, snotty, achey days. It’s easily the sickest I have been for some years, and I still have a dry, furball-hack to prove it nearly a fortnight later.

Bay of Fires was just beautiful, even in winter. Of course Caro and I treated it like a high school photography trip, sizing up every rock with our point-and-shoot cameras.

Never mind, we enjoyed ourselves.

And we saw more than the blokes, who found a couple of jigsaws and promptly morphed into the Rainman twins – they spent the weekend hunched over the dining table comparing pieces of sky and floorboard.

I brought the Great White Schroeder back with me, as I now have an abode with pet permissions. Needless to say she was even less impressed by the plane trips than I was, and told me all about it as I carried her box through the crowded terminal, and in the taxi home. She’s learned some bad habits while being out of my care, including sleeping on the bed. Hmmm. Time for some discipline, ma’am.

Not much else to report from the Berra as it’s been head down, bum up following my return to the salt mine. There’s been snow on the highlands, causing a chill wind to blow across the National Capital of Oz. The days have been alternately grey and overcast, and crisp and sunny.

One of the little joys of living in the Berra has been the flocks of resident parrots. I smile every time I see a pair of crimson rosellas paused in a tree, or come upon a group of grazing galahs on a nature strip. This afternoon Suzie Q from the office dragged me out for a walk on the pretext of some errands (we’ve both had this flu and probably need more fresh air) and took me to the nearest shops by way of a back path. We came upon a gang of sulphur-crested cockies and a few stray corellas ripping the crap out of a couple of eucalypts and generally enjoying themselves. We enjoyed their company as we passed, too.

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