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Crosstown traffic
All you do is slow me down
– Jimi Hendrix, 1968

The “Liddle Fact” inside the cap on my orange juice said, “The average person spends 2 weeks of their life waiting at stoplights.” The average person clearly does not live in the National Capital of Oz. Crossing Northbourne Ave, the main drag outside work, takes two full stoplight cycles, in which everyone has their go separately (including turning lanes). Yes, you have to watch the lights change TWICE just to get across the road to the nearest greasy spoon for a sandwich. And TWICE again on the way back. Incredible.

Had a hysterical moment yesterday when I finally faced the fact the temporary crown, for which I travelled all the way back to Slobart, had broken. That’s industrial strength denial, considering the little plastic cap actually broke on Saturday, four days ago. Since I couldn’t just pop back to Slobart to Dr W for a quick fix, I had to seek a local solution – which I was not emotionally equipped to do. So I just pretended it hadn’t happened.

But of course some little corner of my brain with not enough to do kept worrying away at the problem, and finally sent up some mental flares that the frontal lobes saw – and flipped out. (It’s no wonder I grind my teeth in my sleep. I think that was why the temporary crown broke in the first place.) Typically I did not remember any of the handy advice helpful people have contributed, and in a panic rang the dentist at a geographic point exactly halfway between work and home, somehow reasoning closer was better. After a bit of undignified grovelling they found me an emergency spot this afternoon.

And voila! Repair completed. No pain, and the dentist was nice, quick and efficient. Although I’ve never done my own suction before. (When he said, “Hold out your right hand,” my paranoia nodes lit up, but all he did was hand me the spit vacuum, positioned it and told me to hold still. Which, terrified I would hoover up half my tongue, I did.)

And now it should be okay until the real thing is installed.

Yes, sometimes my life is banal, even to me.


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